Money and Belief

I am amazed at the amount of mail “we” are getting (really my oldest son) from colleges. No one told me about this! NO ONE. The amount of money spent on all of this material seeking to lure my child to attend their college is incredible. Some colleges I have never knew existed. Others I have expected but we have received nothing from them. But one stands out in their pursuit of my son. Honestly, we received about 3 a week from this certain college that will go unnamed (but their colors are orange and black!) They are spending a lot of money to get my son’s attention and hopefully his desire to attend their college as well. Their flyers, letters and information “stuff” is not cheaply printed either. There is a certain level of pride in the way the operate even in their advertisement department. Of course if my son chooses them, it will be considered money well spent – right?

So what about the church? Where does it fit in on all of this? Do we give our best in every area to bring God the greatest glory possible showing pride in Who we believe in? This should not come as a shock, but it takes a lot of money to run a business. Every kind of business rely’s on some sort of income. And the church is much much different! That is not a typo! The church is MUCH MUCH different than every business in the world. How is it different you ask? Simple. The money is already there! The church does not rely on sales. The church does not rely on profits? The church does not rely emotional tugs on the heart? The church DOES rely on the One who holds all the money – God. Psalm 24:1 tells us, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, to world and all who live in it.” God in HIS great mercy gives us, HIS people all that we have and then says, if you love me, trust me. Give back to me ONLY 10%. Amazing. The Lord God my provider (Jehovah Jireh) provides for us. HE could ask for 90% and tell us to live on 10%. But HE does NOT. If you ask a child if someone gave you 100 pennies would you give them 10 pennies back. They would answer with a proud and loud “YES!” So why is it sometimes difficult for us as adults? Could it be that maybe we believe the money is ours? Statistically, out those in the world who claim to be “born again believers” on about 7% actually put their money where their mouth is!!! Can you imagine how well FC3 could passionately better what we do in every area of service to God and give HIM greater glory because 100% of the born-again believers who are a part of FC3 put their money where their mouth is. I don’t write this because we are desperate for money. I do write this because we could do so much more. So I will not end by asking “what’s in your wallet?”, but I will ask “Is your money where your mouth is?” Believe.

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