Grace abounds all the more…

In the book of Romans, Paul tells us that “where sin increases, grace increases all the more.” (Romans 5:20b) It seems to me that the church is the place where “grace” should be given to one another in greater doses more so than any place else in the world! After all, we should know better than anyone what grace looks like and what grace does for us. Then we should joyfully pass that grace on to others. But I am concerned. I wonder if we are doing more damage than healing. Hear me out on this. It seems as if we are more focused on coming to church to “do bible study” than we are focused on “going out” and sharing the Good news of Jesus. In fact, I wonder if we really believe that the Good news is really that good. If we did believe that it was good news for everyone, wouldn’t we be intentionally set on making more and more disciples as a body rather than relying on the church “leaders” and “employees” to do this. Isn’t this everyone’s job? In fact, we have busied ourselves with every thing but making disciples and converts so that now our excuse is excusable in our own minds – but that WON’T FLY WHEN WE ARE FACE TO FACE WITH OUR CREATOR! We labor in vain. All of this seems to make us more judgmental on other “sinners” deeming ourselves to be more righteous because we find ourselves in the four walls of places with the name “such and such church”. So we give less money. We have less patience for those who need the church to surround them. And to top it all off, we find ourselves wishing other-outside people “get what they deserve” for their disobedience to God’s way. How blind, arrogant and foolish we are becoming! When John the Baptist preceded Jesus the Messiah’s first coming his message was “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” (Matthew 3:2). How appropriate if the church would grab this message for us rather than for “them.” And do a lot of repenting of our own self-righteousness. Preparing our hearts for the second coming of Jesus and help pointing others towards HIS love by extending grace more and more to all as we recognize the grace poured out on ourselves. Church, think about this…Why do you think repentance has decreased in today’s churches? Could it be that we see ourselves as perfectly whole without a need of a Savior anymore? Forgive me, Lord Jesus for I have sinned, I want to turn back to your ways. I repent. Who else needs to join me and repent with me?

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