Power from The Word!!!

God means what He says.  What He says goes.  His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey.  Nothing and no one is impervious to God’s Word.  We can’t get away from it – no matter what.” [Hebrews 4:12 MESSAGE]

Would you answer some questions for me?  (I hear a faint – “maybe”!)  My prayer is that you will hear it from a heart of love and care.  What have you learned from the Bible in the last 7 days not including church lessons or sermons or small group discussion?  What have you learned on your own from the Bible lately?  You might be one who says, “Oh, I read the Bible before and I don’t need to again – I know what it says, I know what it is about, I know enough!”  There is a danger in thinking you don’t need to be in the Bible or worse that you know all you need to know about the Bible!  Especially since we hear and receive messages from outside of the Bible all throughout every day and every single moment.  These messages do not stop coming into our minds, so the message of the Bible should not stop coming in our minds regularly either.

Let’s look at this from a physical perspective:  You would not eat sugary foods without eating healthy foods.  Yes, I admit that I love, love, love sugar!!!  I rarely meet a cookie that is not worth eating or a donut for that matter.  However, I am wise enough to know that I cannot eat this all the time.  I know my body craves pure sustenance!   Proof of this came 2 years ago when FC3 did the Daniel Fast.  My body has NEVER felt better than when I spent those 21 days eating only fruits, vegetable, nuts and all whole grains and drinking only water.  But here is the thing:  The first 3-5 days were terrible.  I had sugar and caffeine withdrawals something terrible.  (I had a very bad headache)   But the blessings of strength and my overall body was felt wonderful and it was well worth the pain.

Similarly, when you try to get into a routine of spiritual feeding of the mind on pure sustenance (which is only found in the Bible) it is painful!  Not in headaches or withdrawals, but often with boredom and a feeling of apathy towards being in the Word of God. It is also painful because it often reveals things about ourselves that we need to change but we don’t want to change.  The point of that – it will be a fight!!!

I am convinced that most people do not read the Bible for a few reasons that I plan on addressing in January’s sermons, so for now here is what I want you to know.  December 28th, FC3 will be giving away “Life Journals”.  These journals have a reading plan geared toward your age group or spiritual maturity level!  We want to give you tools to help in this anemic epidemic the American church finds itself in.  If we run out of journals we will get more.  This is for the whole family – one for each member.  Pick one up on or after December 28th and begin on January 1st.  Get your POWER FROM THE WORD!