God’s Lessons…

What has HE taught me lately? I wonder how you might answer that question? Maybe it is a question we need to be asking each other and then sharing our own answers! I wouldn’t be surprised if you started hearing messages like these in the upcoming year. (What? Upcoming year? Yes it is almost “New Year” talk! I can’t believe it either.) So let me start, for me, God has been very busy teaching me…
God has been teaching me about HIM…
“as the deer pants for water… (Psalm 42:1)” I have spent the last 24 years in ministry. During four of those years, I was learning in a classroom setting about the God I loved and served. I have taught the word of God for 24 years. I have grown in my desire for more of HIM. Yet in all of this, plus growing up in the church since I was 6, I still at times feel as though I know nothing! (Not completely, I hope you understand) I have so much to learn and HE blesses me with seeing a little more of who HE is each and every day. Praise God, HE shows up everyday and praise God when I pay attention enough to see HIM. I have learned more about HIS loving-kindness and patience this year than years past. Thank you Father for the blessings of who YOU are!
God has been teaching me about parenting…
“Children are a heritage…(Psalm 127:1” Not just one, not just two, not just three, but four wonderful children with whom God has blessed my life. I am amazed by my children. They are more than a gift from God above. They are daily reminders of HIS faithfulness, unconditional love, and joy. From 16 years old to 5 years old, we have a joyful, event-filled schedule. We never have a dull moment (nor a spare one at times too!) I am reminded of togetherness and our desire to enjoy each other as often as we can. God has reminded me in my parenting that time is short. Each day is a gift and I MUST as the father of the family, the lead man, purposefully grow with them. Whether it is at ball games watching them play or cheering them on as they learn new things, (i.e. learning to play the guitar), we have learned together how to do life best. Our “Table Time” has become very precious to us, thank you Lord for showing us this before it is too late!
God has been teaching me about marriage…
“may you rejoice the wife of your youth…(Proverbs 5:18) ” I have learned more and more each new year of marriage what love looks like. Just when I think I know love at the deepest depths of marriage God blesses me with more understanding of just how small my vision of love is. I have been married for over 19 years. We have known each other over 20 and I am still amazed by this godly lady with whom HE has blessed my life. God has taught me that in faithfulness, maturity in love and consistency there is an incredible insight and depth that Hollywood doesn’t understand. All the while the world is looking to Hollywood to understand romance and true love, I have the privilege of learning from HIS Word and through my marriage. God has definitely taught me much about marriage…and I am still learning for there is so much more to grasp. Thank you Jesus!
God has been teaching me about leadership…
“I looked for someone…who would…stand…in the gap…(Ezekiel 22:30) ” I recognize everyday the importance of stepping up, standing out and filling in the gap for the sake of HIS Kingdom. God has graciously allowed me the privilege of leading HIS church, for HIS glory. And I can’t imagine a greater honor. I have a long way to go, but HE still chooses to use me every minute when I surrender to HIM and HIS way. Thank you Master for using me!!!

What has God taught you lately? (Email me your story, I’d love to hear from you.)

2 thoughts on “God’s Lessons…

  1. I’m so thankful that you have a teachable spirit. God is using you for His kingdom! He is constantly teaching me too. I wish I didn’t have so many lessons to learn:)

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