Life on Mission

Do you live your life on purpose? That’s a trick question. We all live life on purpose whether we recognize it or not. Maybe I should ask that question in a different way…do you live your life for the purpose that God created for you to live on purpose? We might purposefully live outside of our God given purpose, but that’s not what I am asking. God saved us and left us here to tell the whole world what we have been saved from, and what we have been saved for. HE left us here on purpose, for a purpose that is HIS purpose and not our own. Sadly, many “Jesus-followers” live for their own purpose and not for HIS, yet arrogantly tell others we are “Christian”. I think we have lost it! Flat out lost it – HIS purpose that is. We have confused “free will” with “free-selfish-living”. Let me explain. We tell everyone (often people who question our life’s choices and who we view as people who think too highly of themselves) that we are “saved by grace” (which Praise God is true!) and that we have “free will” (again PTL!), but we forget God’s purpose is giving us “free will”. Our free will is to have a choice in choosing God’s way or our way. We are guilty of choosing both, all the time. We want to choose eternity with God over eternity without HIM (smart choice – right choice), but in the very next breath we choose to live for our self and claim ‘free will’ when truthfully it is a slap in the face to the cross of Jesus we cling to for eternity! (Ouch! – I know, right?) We talk less about Jesus and more about ourselves. We get excited about what our kid did in the ball game and less excited about what Jesus’ sacrifice means. BUT I am over-exaggerating. I mean really this is 2014, does God really expect me to live like bible times after all, we have electricity, running water, plumbing, cars and phones! I really think we MUST rethink how we live and the excuses we use to not live as we ought to – on purpose for Jesus. The next 6 weeks on Sunday mornings we will be talking about living for Jesus and searching for those who are bound for Hell and honestly seek to save people from the flames. I pray that you will come and grow with us and allow God’s way to trump our ways. See you Sunday!

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