The Truth about Spiritual Growth

Lately, I have noticed something powerfully obvious when it comes to spiritual growth! That has a prideful, arrogant ring to it, but that is why I put “obvious” in that statement. I have NOT noticed this because I am greatly informed and in touch with the Spirit more so than any other. I have NOT noticed this because I am the man! I have NOT noticed this because I had this special encounter with Jesus. I have noticed because I stopped to see! What I HAVE noticed anyone could see and maybe already have! When I spend a week with God because of a commitment I feel closer to God than normal. This commitment might be helping at VBS, church camp or going to a conference (all of which I did this July! 3 of 4 weeks I was gone.) Our high school teens went to MOVE. Whatever the event is or was, they’re very powerful because of 2 things I believe: First is because of separation from normalcy and the other is connection with other people doing the same. For example, I was a a week of high school camp where teens don’t have their cell phones, but they do have their bibles. They don’t have their typical distractions from home, but they do have attention to what God might be saying to them. They don’t have the influence from the world, but they do have a selected time of influence from the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. (insert your own experience here) Then they go home! A few weeks back to ‘life as normal’ – back to the influence from world, back to our friends who didn’t experience what we experienced, back to time not dedicated by overwhelmed by the non urgent that seems extra urgent. Soon we have lost sight of what we learned, experienced and committed to! Thus the growth is stunted!!! The solution for each of us is to surround ourselves daily with friends who want to grow more like Jesus, go further in their spiritual lives with Jesus and combat the gates of hell because of Jesus added to a daily dose of God’s word and prayer for the glory of Jesus. So where are you? Possibly one of these two places is where you find yourself! 1. Have you had your spiritual growth moment this summer? If so, how do you plan to keep growing? (You will never stay the same; we either grow or slowly wilt away!) Keep your eyes on Jesus! Stay engaged and encouraged by being with God and surrounding yourself with healthy relationships! 2. OR have you taken a vacation from God and seem to not sense HIS presence in your life? (THIS IS A DANGER WARNING FROM THE SPIRIT – PAY ATTENTION TO THE WARNING!!!) What will you do to get back to growing? Let us keep this spiritual growth moving and growing and never look back – ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!!


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