One terrible day, life, chapter!!!

I used to have a shirt that said, “You have one of those days, I have one of those lives!” When I would wear it I always got a few laughs. The honest truth was that it was my brother’s shirt. It was a “hand-me-down”! He really deserved to wear that shirt. For my brother it seemed so true. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis! He was bedridden for his sophomore year of high school. It truly seemed that if something bad happened in the family, it happened to him. Poor guy! But that shirt and my brother’s life reminds me a lot of Numbers 20! I was reading this chapter recently and was hit by the overwhelming mess that came in that one chapter. Honestly, I read the first verse and stopped for the day just to let it soak in. In that first verse there is one small verse that sets the tone to the rest of the chapter. The sentence? “There Miriam died and was buried.” STRIKE ONE!!!(Honestly, I could write a lot on each point of this article, but space and time – you get that right?) Then…to give the people water from a rock Moses strikes the rock twice (which God told Moses to “speak” to the rock!) God’s dealing with Moses’ lack of honoring God’s glory was to ban Moses from entering the promise land. STRIKE TWO!!! The chapter ends with Aaron being told that he would be “gathered” to his people” (translation – you’re going to die – today!) STRIKE THREE!!! All in one chapter – major changes to the journey to the promise land! All three strikes because of a lack of fear of God and a lack of honor for HIS holiness. In the book, “The Supremacy of God in Preaching”, John Piper states that the cross is central to us realizing the incredible glory God deserves in saving us from ourselves. The sad truth is that we deflect HIS glory and reflect the glory of man which is sinful to the core! What should take place is for us to reflect HIS glory only and that reflecting is for HIS glory no our own glory. Have you ever had one of those days? Or do you feel like you have one of those lives? Do you feel like a whole chapter of your life is filled with strike after strike after strike? Do you fear God and honor HIS holiness or do you spend life looking as if the cross of Jesus was for you because of your being special? The temptation (and message from too many “christians”) is to believe that the cross was all about us when if the truth is told the cross was all about God! The truth of the matter is that the cross of Jesus was to deal with sinners in the presence of a completely righteous God appeasing the wrath of God and fulfilling the submission to God from HIS creation!

I want to live to honor HIS holiness and reflect HIS glory, don’t you?