Which man am I?

Two men owed work to a certain employer. One owed him five hundred days of work, and the other fifty. Neither of them had the ability to work due to their disability (sin), so they could not pay the employer back, so the employer called it good and didn’t make them serve their work days. Now which of them will love the employer more?

We might get the answer right, but the greater question for you and I today is how do we see ourselves. Do I see myself as the 50 day guy or the 500 day guy? Now I have grown up in the church since two weeks after my dad left. I was 5 1/2. So most of my memorable life I have been a church kid! I have sat through many classes and church services and got nothing from them except boredom and rest. (Important note: I have gotten much from some of those times to make me the person I am today, thanks be to God!) I have to be honest I have looked at my life too many times as one who only owes a little – not even 50! But recently, God has really laid on my heart that I owe so much more than 500. I can’t seem to shake it – so I try not to think about it. If I can avoid it and pretend it isn’t true, then maybe you won’t realize it is true of me, too!

Deep down, I know which man I am. Truthfully, I want to fix it so I am better…but I can’t! I have been forgive much. My sins are forgiven. I can go in peace, for my faith has saved me. Praise God Almighty.

Which man are you?


At the time of this writing, Resurrection Sunday (aka – Easter) is 25 days away. I assume we will have many 500 guys and gals in church, but many if not all will pretend they owe less than 50. Will you help me? Will you help show the love and truth of Jesus so they will find relief from their debt? Will you park away from the best spots? Will you give up your favorite seat so someone else can have the better seat to hear about Jesus? Will you pray for those who will come? Will you pray for our response to them? Will you ask the Employer (Jesus) to be so evident in everything we do that HE gains great honor? Will you go the extra mile since Jesus went the whole way for us? Will you live like one who has been forgiven much? I will!

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