Building the Family!!!

We have just finished talking about “Building the Marriage” for the month of February and now we are on to “Building the Family.” Our goal is to talk about parenting! We are planning on looking at Children are a blessing (March 2nd), Teens are not a curse! (March 9th), Blended Families [parenting others kids] (March 16), Harmony in the family (March 23rd) and finishing the month off talking about Missions/Serving The Lord together [as a family]!
I know that the family is a daily thing. I know that family takes much care and attention. I know that my kids also see the best in me AND the worst (because they live with me and see me every day!) So in all of that knowing, I know that I don’t know all I need to know to be the best parent I can be. So as I do desire to be the best parent (dad) I can be, I know it won’t accidentally happen. I assume all of us as parents want the same thing. I must be intentional and so must you. So as you and I am seeking to “Be the Difference” in the outside world, you and I must also be focused on “Being the Difference” – FIRST AT HOME! Assuming that you and I are growing in our relationships with our spouses (in our marriages), now we need to move on into the area of growing in our parenting. Are you ready? Do you need to begin or restart your motivation to parent well. Then let’s make it our goal to be here on Sunday’s at FC3 to grow together affecting the greatest family around – God’s family!
Lord Jesus lead the way, Holy Spirit guide us in wisdom and Heavenly Father continue to forgive us when we mess up – all in our efforts to “Be the Difference!”

Living on purpose with a purpose,

On April 20, 2014, we will celebrate the incredible truth about Jesus being ALIVE!!! I asked every person who was in church on January 12, 2014 to give us names of up to 7 individuals that we could call on (and I provided you with paper to fill out with those names!) NOT ONE NAME HAS BEEN GIVEN!!! That breaks my heart! Either we aren’t trusted enough or you don’t care enough! So now it is up to you! You must call on your friends. It is time to ask yourself the question – Is the Empty Tomb enough? Is it enough to prove to me that Jesus’ life was enough for me that I can humble myself to tell others about Jesus? (Honestly, that is so backwards because talking about Jesus is an incredible blessing and privilege!) Is it enough to inspire me to invite people to church AND purposefully devote time with them to help them see Jesus in me so that they will long for Jesus in themselves?
When it comes to Resurrection Sunday, we always have big crowds on our church campus, but the last eight years tell a story! In 2006, we had 389 people in attendance for Easter, in 2007 we had 560 people for Easter!! In 2008 we had 374, in 2009 we had 426, in 2010 we had 359, in 2011 we had 379, in 2012 we had 364 and in 2013 we had 354! What will 2014 bring? After reading about those numbers, what story do you hear and see?