Be the Difference…building the family!

Be the Difference…in your marriage!

            The month of L-O-V-E is upon us!!!  I believe that marriage matters.  I know divorce happens.  I know that remarriage takes place.  I know some people want more in their marriage.  I also know that there are people who are having sex outside of marriage and think it is no big deal.  Because of this, Sunday mornings in February I will be talking about “The Covenant of Sex” [“Why Wait?”] (Feb 2), “Holy Marriage” [“What does God want in my marriage?”] (Feb 9), “Divorce Recovery” [“I’m broken, now what?”] (Feb 16), & “Remarriage” [“Can I/Should I start again?”] (Feb 23).  Through our theme for the year of 2014 we want to “Be the Difference…in our marriages!” This will lead us into the month of March where we will look at how we can then “Be the Difference…in our parenting!” Both February and March will be month surrounded by this thought of “Building the Family.”  If we really want to make a difference, then we must start at home!  I hope and pray that you will make an effort to be here each Sunday as we grow together in this journey to turn the world upside down as “Flippin Christians!”  I believe God wants us to see more clearly what this gift of love, sex and marriage really is about, don’t you? See you Sunday’s in February!  I believe God wants us to give parenting our best, don’t you?  Be here Sunday’s in March!  All for the glory and praise of our God.


To be the difference,




Connect Groups!!!

We would love for you to be a part of our Connect Group ministry.  Each group meets in a home while eating food, having fun through fellowship and growing in our connection to each other.  Visit our WelcomeCenter for more information on each group’s location and other pertinent details!



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