Lessons from the Manger

It never gets old!  I was listening to a sermon by Andy Stanley and he was talking about the difference Christmas is compared to a child and an adult.  To the children, it never gets here quick enough and Christmas Eve is the longest evening of the year as you wait for the BIG day!  To the adult, there is never enough time.  “How did it get to be here so quickly this year?”  “I was going to be more prepared this year!” Do you remember the anticipation as a child?  The waiting. The counting down of the days. Growing up we had an Advent calendar in which we kept little candy canes.  I remember wanting to cheat and sneak an extra one out at different times, but not for the candy.  But this would not make time go faster.  It is interesting as a child; I had difficulty waiting even though I knew when Christmas was coming.  Compare this with the Biblical characters that were waiting on the Messiah to come, yet they had no idea when it was.  They seemed more patient than I was and still am.  The temptation as adults is to treat Christmas as just another holiday and make do big deal about it.  But those in the Bible who were waiting did make a big deal about it.  So shouldn’t we?  This December we will look at
“Lessons from the Manger.”  We will learn from those of the past.  We will seek to grow in our appreciation of what the Manger means to us still today.  Just because it happened several thousands of years ago, does not mean it has gotten old – It never gets old!


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