Another life cut short…

I am reminded of the gift of life. Too many diseases, too many deaths, too many things that pull away from God and HIS desire and design. There is a little girl with Cleveland ties who is fighting her battle for life. The doctors have exhausted their knowledge in what to do. They have sent her home – to die. Only by the power and grace of God does she continue to breathe right now. I hear of too many stories that have that familiar ring to them. While I go to sleep tonight with my family all snug in their beds, I restlessly know that some families are fighting to believe in God because of the situation of a child. If I were God, I would hear their prayers and answer their desires, but that is because as a god I would be nearsighted. While I know the truth of the Holy Scriptures, and at the same time, believe in those same Scriptures for they give me hope, comfort and promise of something more, I struggle with the view from here. If there is a God who IS love, than HIS heart has to break more than mine does as HE sees much more than I! [BTW – there is a God and HIS Name is LOVE.] I believe in this God of love so deeply. I also know deep down in my heart that this little girl will experience something better than life here – period. There is nothing more to say about that- honestly. My problem is I want to spare some of the pain – and I can’t, and God won’t. It is not because HE doesn’t care, but all because HE cares more than you and I could ever know. And since HE is an all-knowing God, HE knows far more than you and me combined (Isaiah 55:8-9). So while you and I are left here to deal with the pain and the promise, may we not cling to here, but long deeply, even more so, for there!

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