A Matter of the Heart!

This morning I had a strange request.  I was leaving the Hickory House Restaurant where we had just had our M3 (Monday Morning Men Breakfast and Bible Study) when I saw a friend who needs Jesus.  My friend said to me, “Hey I need you to pray for me.”  I said, “About what?”  (I know genuine, right?)  He said, “Pray that winter gets over real fast!”  Which prompted me to ask, “Why is that?”  He said, “Cause I don’t like winter that’s why I moved down here from up north!”  I told him, “I won’t pray that because I am praying for lots and lots of snow!!! J Truth is I don’t want to pray for winter to go by too quickly!  I like the winter months for a few different reasons:  First, I like the holiday times (don’t jump on me for not saying Merry Christmas!  There is more than one holiday in the winter months.)  I like Thanksgiving.  I have great memories from my whole childhood from the Thanksgiving holiday.  (I love the Christmas season best, but this is the November newsletter. J  Obviously, we have set aside this time of year to be thankful.  Often during this time of year we talk about the need to be thankful all year long, but we don’t remember until the following November.  I am convinced (it didn’t take much persuasion to get me there) that thankfulness is a major problem within the body of Christ.  You know those people who should have nothing to complain about, but plenty to be thankful about, Christians?  Why are we the least thankful people around?  Should we lead the way in Thanksgiving?  This month we will look closely at the Word to see what God wants to teach us about being thankful!  Do you have something to be thankful about?  Why not comment on my blog for what it is you are thankful? 


A recovering thankless addict,


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