A promise is a promise!

Twenty FC3 men went to Tulsa to a Promise Keepers Conference this past weekend (September 20-21.)  We were challenged and encouraged to be the men that God has called us to be!  Here we were in a half-full room with 3000 other men from around the area.  [Tulsa was not represented among the Tulsa “Christian” churches 😦 ]  I know that this coming weekend (September 27-28) Beth Moore will be in town at the BOK center and it will be full.  Our men have been absent and lacking in their leadership roles.  But for the 20 of us that will not be the case anymore!  And we are calling other men to join us in the quest to rise up and live out our roles as leaders in the home, church and workplace.  This is not some woman-hating jargon.  This is an obedience to God and HIS Word.  So my word to you is not “watch out here we come”, but rather, “lift us up in prayer as we seek to honor God!” 

On my wedding day, I said vows to my wife to love, honor and cherish her, but some things that I did not say in the vow, I took on as a man gaining a bride.  I promised to lead my wife spiritually.  I promised to lead my family for the glory of God.  I promised to be the man of God I was created to be.  I WANT TO KEEP MY PROMISE!  In order to do this with greater strength, I need other men doing life together with me to encourage me on and help this brother out.

So some of the things we are going to do as men is spend time together through bible study and also times just to be together to encourage and grow for HIM.  So each Monday morning, men are encouraged to join us at Hickory House at 6:00 a.m.  It is a time to eat, hear the Word and/or listen to life stories and spend time praying together.  The understand the purpose behind our time together, I want to echo Paul’s words from the first book of Corinthians:  1 Corinthians 14:3 “Everyone…speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort…” Of course, this verse is talking about those that prophesy versus speaking in tongues.  But we want to strengthen one another, encourage each other on this journey and comfort each other in the struggles.  Men, come join us.  Don’t shy away, come grow with us and journey with us to live as men who keep their promise. 



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