Living life with real people

connectMy mother recently had surgery on her leg. A year ago she broke her leg and the break has never healed due to her bones not growing back together at the point of break in her femur. To shorten the story, she had the surgery on the 12th of August and went home (to be by herself) on the 15th of August! Since she lives alone and 45 minutes away from Cleveland, I am not there the very much. But recently I have been going there more than usually to check on her and make sure things are going – well, better. What is amazing is that her small group leader has called me twice – once checking on her and her progress from surgery and healing in the hospital and the second call (after a visit a the hospital) he was looking after my mom’s healing process. The small group took it upon themselves to make sure my mother is fed. As of this writing, they are bringing her meals every other evening. Since she lives alone, there is plenty for her to eat two days in a row and have left overs. The group had made sure her lawn is mowed, her belly is full and her heart is loved on. I believe most of us long for such a group to belong. I know I do. I believe the church should (and does at times) out shine the world in caring for one another. This is what FC3 connect groups are all about! FC3 is re-launching our Connect Groups. Each group will meet in a home and will begin on September 15th. In the next few weeks, we will have groups listed at the Welcome Center. Your job is to join a group. You never know when you will long to have a group to love, feed and nurture you. Better yet, join a Connect Group so that you can love, feed and nurture someone in need from you Connect Group!


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